Your Asshole Cat: A Brief Explanation of MS

I guess this would be a good time in this fledgling blog to provide a very brief, very non-scientific overview of Multiple Sclerosis as I understand it.

Take a peek behind your television. There are likely a bunch of tangled cords feeding out from your Blu-ray player, cable, speakers, gaming console (or if your household is anything like mine, SEVERAL gaming consoles), rabbit ears, maybe a VCR. That tangled bunch of cords is your central nervous system. Your nerves transmit signals and messages from Point A to Point B. Like the cords behind your entertainment center, your nerves have a protective insulated coating around them. That’s called the myelin sheath and it facilitates the sending and receiving of electrical impulses.

Now imagine that your asshole cat goes behind the TV and starts chewing on the cords. You’re hopelessly engrossed in season three of Dance Moms, you piece of crap, so you don’t notice right away. Eventually you realize that your asshole cat has chewed through some of the coating on several cords, leaving behind patches of exposed wire. These are called lesions. You’re relieved to discover that all of your appliances still seem to be functioning properly–for now. Down the line, however, you may notice that the picture on your television is distorted or fuzzy. You may notice that the sound from your speakers is tinny or garbled. You may notice sparks coming from the cords or outlets in the wall. Or maybe your appliances stop working altogether.

Your asshole cat is Multiple Sclerosis.

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A Little Bit About The Husband Whose Wife Has MS

So apparently National Family Caregivers Month is a thing and it’s happening now!

I need to salute my personal caregiver in this entry. I try to show my gratitude frequently, but I feel like it’s never sufficient enough.

We were engaged to be married for about a year before we got the phone call telling me that the western blot came back negative for Lyme disease. Once Lyme was ruled out, I just knew. We were sitting in the car before a fireworks display, just over a year before we were set to be wed, and I offered him an out. Continue reading “A Little Bit About The Husband Whose Wife Has MS”

A Thank You

I’ve tossed around the idea of starting a blog for a couple of years now, ever since those scary few weeks before (and after) receiving a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

I kept a handwritten journal for a short time and, after stumbling across it recently, I’m relieved that it was for my eyes only and not published all over the internarf. As time went by and I adjusted to my new life, I assumed that no one would read anything I wrote. Of course that doesn’t really matter, but my hope was that others might benefit (to whatever extent, great or small) from this in some way if I put it all out there in such a public and permanent form. Continue reading “A Thank You”