The Power of “How Are You?”

My dear friends, you motivated this little blog. I started it, after being told by quite a few of you how badly you wanted to ask about my MS, but didn’t know how. I’m hoping that my first few entries have been helpful for you—they certainly have been for me. Disease makes me uncomfortable, too. Writing here has given me some long overdue catharsis and for that, I thank you.

I hope my entries don’t come off as too morose or teeter on the dangerous edge of “why me?”—Because, really, why not me? I’m no one special. I many times wish I had started this sooner, perhaps during the diagnosis process, the trial and error in treatments, the truly scary moments…Everything was new then and maybe I’d have more to say.

Sometimes I feel a little silly or even guilty writing these, because the truth is: I am very fortunate in the very slow rate that my disease seems to be progressing. My doctor has called me “lucky.”  The good days easily outnumber the few bad days. It could be so much worse. There is so much suffering out there and I am so thankful my little hurdles are enough for me to manage.

The feedback I’ve received here has all been positive and I’m delighted that the things I have shared so far seem to be educational and beneficial.

So! Let’s jump right in. A phone call I received yesterday is my inspiration for this particular post and I hope you are able to take something from it. Continue reading “The Power of “How Are You?””

Kylie Jenner: Avant Garde or Offensive?

I’m home with the flu today. At least, that’s what it feels like. My medication lowers immune system function, so I’m surprised this is the first time I’m getting sick this season. I wanted to do something productive while lying in a pile of blankets and tissues and I’ve been sitting here, staring at a blank screen for quite some time now, knowing the topics I’d like to talk about, but frankly, I haven’t really been in a great head space over the last couple days and the words just aren’t coming.

So! I’ll resort to my backup, before it becomes too irrelevant. Continue reading “Kylie Jenner: Avant Garde or Offensive?”