Tales From The Sickbed: I Choose Tattoos

Happy Hump Day, everyone! How are you?

Me? I’m still sick. That is, I keep getting sick, it seems while my immune system is recovering, but still vulnerable (Thanks, Rebif!). It’s been over a month of cyclical sickness, punctuated by the normal post-injection “flu” (No, seriously…thanks, Rebif!).

So, here I sit.

My complexion: pallid. My eyes: glassy. My hair is a mess and my puffy, leaky face is covered in goo.

Let’s talk about beauty!

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Finding The “What IS” Among The “What Ifs”


Last week, my family gathered to celebrate the life of my grandmother, my Yiayia, on the tenth anniversary of her passing. We shared stories, marveling at how quickly these ten years have gone by, silently evaluating the significant events of the past decade and how much has happened in each of our lives since then.

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