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Hi everyone!

I wrote a piece for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s online community. You can read about how dance has impacted my life with MS and (please!) interact HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


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Coming Out Of The Closet

My On This Day Facebook app tells me that today is the second anniversary of my “coming out” with MS and I’d like to share that original post with you. I won’t preface this with an explanation of why I waited seven months to broaden my support system past family and a very select group of close friends, or why it was so important for me to finally “go public” (it’s all in the post below), but I do want to impress upon anyone who may be struggling with a major life change how important it is to get it out and establish a support system. If you’re comfortable, cast a wide net–while some people will disappoint you, others will come forward and truly surprise you. Don’t do it alone. Allow others to shine.

Here, you take some of this.

It’s a little bit surreal, reading this post I made two years ago. I remember how nervous I was, but how free and empowered I felt once it was out. I don’t know how Jamie-Lynn Sigler was able to do it for fifteen years!



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