To Say or Not to Say?

With the recent news of a new active lesion and talks about shaking up my treatment plan again following what was possibly my first attack in almost a year and a half, I find myself retracing the first steps I took during my diagnosis process almost three and a half years ago.

Because he felt that the risk outweighed the benefit, in my case, my doctor opted not to treat the inflammation from my new lesion with steroids, but I’ve been asked to keep other therapy options open and in the back of my mind. For now, we’re going to increase my Rebif dosage (for the third time) and hope that this time is the charm. And while I’m not looking forward to the increased pain level when injecting with a higher dose or the fear of facing more adverse reactions, I’m happy with that decision. It’s so taxing to switch therapies and now I’m starting to slowly drift into the realm of “last resort” medications, like Tysabri (which, from what I’ve been told by people who take it, is really fantastic….but can cause a brain infection and kill you).

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Taking My Own Advice: New Blog on

What crazy timing that my latest article for the National MS Society should go live, just minutes after my doctor called to tell me I have a new active lesion in part of my brain.

It’s easy to slip into a sorry state and imagine what life would be like without this disease haunting me, but it’s days like today that I need to remember the good (yes, you read that right) that has come from this.

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A Mother’s Touch

This summer really flew by, didn’t it? This year’s heat and humidity seemed to make a pretty noticeable difference in my day-to-day–more so than the last few summers. Or maybe it seems that way because it’s still so fresh in my mind.

I went in for a routine visit with Dr. Brain last week and, while my fancy sobriety test-esque exam went well, he told me precisely what I didn’t want to hear.

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