A Review of “Just Jen” by Jen Powley

Last week, I had the honor of being contacted by Jen Powley, an amazing and inspiring woman who has spent nearly her entire lifetime battling an aggressive form of progressive multiple sclerosis. She is a quadriplegic, is catheterized, and is on a feeding tube. She had the opportunity to write a memoir and asked if I’d like to read her book, which is due to be published in May of this year, and review it from the standpoint of someone who lives with MS.

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Choose Your Own Adventure: A Day in the Life

Alright, gumshoes! Have you ever considered every decision you make throughout a single day? Neither have I–until those small decisions had the potential to turn into big consequences.

My most recent article for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is LIVE on their blog and you can read and interact with it by clicking here! It offers a tiny glimpse into a day in the life of someone who lives with a chronic illness and it was inspired by one of my favorite books as a child, starring Carmen Sandiego.

Say…where in the world is she, anyway? 😉

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