The Sliced Fruit Scandal

“What the heck are THOSE?!”

That was my husband.

I was emptying bags from a trip to the grocery store when he spotted them.

The offenders.

Remember the Twitterstorm over Whole Foods selling peeled oranges for $6?

Okay, yes. Yes, I spent more money on less fruit that happened to be pre-washed and pre-sliced. And yes, it would have been cheaper and less plastic waste for me to buy larger cartons or whole fruits that weren’t washed or cut. And I’m not exactly proud of that. But stay with me here for a second.

I’m tired.

MS fatigue is hard to describe to people who have never experienced it. It’s not the same as skipping your morning cup of coffee.

It’s trudging across a football field in two feet of snow. It’s escaping quicksand. It’s jogging a couple miles when you have the flu. It’s not an exaggeration.

It’s knowing how much energy you have left without dipping into tomorrow’s supply. It’s realizing that after a long day, even washing, drying, and slicing fruit can be a taxing undertaking.

I’ve come to anticipate and manage MS fatigue pretty well over these past five years, but on this particular day…I just really wanted some watermelon, and I wanted it NOW.

Pooh-pooh packaged fruit, if you like. There was a time in my life when I did, too. But don’t be so quick to dismiss the needs of marginalized groups like the disabled and the elderly. These little conveniences that many write off as laziness are a godsend for people who have trouble with energy, dexterity, and strength.

We just want our watermelon, dammit. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “The Sliced Fruit Scandal

  1. OMG, as the kids say these days. When I first saw Whole Foods selling pre-peeled oranges, I scoffed, “Oh, those yuppies (remember them?) will buy anything.” But then I thought about it, in terms of disability – yours, mine, ours. And totally changed my mind. I have not bought a peeled orange, but I buy pre-made hummus and pre-prepped salad and pre-baked bread, and etc. My wife injured her hand so it fell to me to do most of the cooking. SNAP- frozen dinners!

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  2. alibaba735

    Good article. I wanted to go and pick up my computer at the repair shop today and pick up my new glasses at the optometrist.

    And go out for dinner with my men’s group.

    I’ll leave the computer and my new glasses for another day.

    I might make it to the men’s group. Maybe not.

    One day at a time…no, make that a half day at a time!


  3. alibaba735

    Yes. Three things I want to do today.

    Get my computer from the repair shop. Get my new glasses from the optometrist. A few go to my men’s club dinner.

    I might make it to the dinner. Maybe not!

    MS fatigue.

    One day at a time…no, make that a half day at a time!


  4. Oh yes! I have tried to explain this to people a hundred times. Yes, I spend extra money on pre-prepared food that I could technically prepare myself. Yes, I sometimes eat frozen meals that have higher sodium content than is strictly healthy. Yes, the rest of my menu varies little from day to day, because I only have the energy to shop once a week, on a day when I don’t have to work. And yes, sometimes I am literally too fatigued to put the frozen meal in the microwave, and have to ask my partner to do it for me. I don’t have to perform “health” to anyone else’s satisfaction to get good girl points from anyone. I’m taking care of myself the best way I can, and that is what matters.

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  5. Claudette Johnson

    I so enjoyed this blog, and all the comments, and can belate to them all. Also being a person with M.S. for the last 20+ years. And like you, not letting this illness define who I am. Or how I choose to live my life, (as much as I can). Keep up the great job!

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