“This is IOAB, and I approve this message.”

Happy August! We’re in the homestretch of summer, and I hope you’re all staying cool and keeping your symptoms at bay!

This post is embarrassingly long overdue, but I’m excited and honored to announce that I’ve been nominated in four different categories (Best in Show: BLOG, Best in Show: INSTAGRAM, Best Kept Secret, and Patient Leader Hero) in the 2018 WEGO Health Awards, and I am asking you, my readers and supporters, for your endorsement(s)!

WEGO Health is the world’s largest network of patient leaders working across virtually all health conditions and topics. The WEGO Health Awards globally recognize and celebrate patient leaders who support the mission of empowering the patient voice.

If I have ever supported you, made you laugh, or my advocacy has in any way inspired you to keep fighting, I humbly ask you to consider endorsing me for any or all of the categories you deem appropriate. It takes only seconds of your time and would mean so much to me. You can do so by visiting my WEGO Health profile and clicking on “Endorse It’s Only A Bruise” beneath my photo. The endorsement period ends August 17. 2018.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

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