Life Update!

Oh hi.

It’s been awhile and I apologize for that. These past six weeks have been relentless. 

I don’t want to unload everything that life has thrown at me over the past six weeks too much here, but here’s just a sampling: significant MS attack (followed by a couple of smaller aftershocks), a close friend of mine passed away, one of my dog’s anal glands ruptured, and now….

One of these used to be a knee.
I damaged my ACL, LCL, and lateral meniscus. How, you ask? Well, I scaled a two story barbed wire fence so that I could save a puppy from being run over by a burning bus tripped over a doggie gate.

I can’t even begin to describe the pain. It’s the kind that makes you feel like you’re going to pass out, throw up, and poop your pants simultaneously. I’ve been rendered pretty much useless for over a week now and this couch is a lonely place. I’ve had to rely a LOT on my husband (who deserves every award and accolade out there), in order to function this past week and the end is nowhere in sight. It’s offered me a limited glimpse into immobility, but from the perspective of someone who lives with a disease that can take away the use of limbs in an instant…and it’s humbling.

Actual photo of my knee
Anyway, I bring all of this up, simply as an explanation as to where I’ve been and why I’m so far behind on EVERYTHING–writing here, writing for the NMSS, reading and reviewing A Quiet Roar, writing this year’s Walk MS recap, editing the Walk MS video, as well as other projects I’m working on.

So. Thank you for your patience and I’ll get the Walk MS recap out soon!

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