#BringingUsCloser: 5 Easy Ways To Celebrate World MS Day

May 30th of each year marks World MS Day, and this year’s theme is research–or more specifically–celebrating the achievements made in MS research, and looking forward to what it will bring to the global MS community in the future.

Here are five things you can do to get involved with World MS Day this year:

1. Awareness, One Step At A Time

The foundation for any forward progress is awareness. Not ready to shout it from the mountaintops quite yet? Start small. And start with orange. Paint your fingernails orange. Or adorn your tootsies with these awesome orange shoelaces. Believe it or not, they’re quite an icebreaker!

2. Bad MS Puns Get On My Nerves

If vibrant footwear isn’t your jam, this plush neuron keychain is perfect to hang from your bag and start a conversation. My husband named mine “Lynn,” so that when people ask me what it is, I can answer: “It’s my Lynn.”

I’ll let you work out the wordplay there.

(P.S. It’s available in a larger size plush, as well!)

3. Wear Your Support On Your Sleeve, er, Neck

Want to support a cause, raise awareness, and be fashionable at the same time? Buy a necklace from Aware Causes and be a triple threat! There are dozens of diseases, disorders, and causes to choose from, and they donate a percentage of each sale to a charity benefiting the respective cause! And they also accept PayPal for quick, convenient, and secure payment!

USE PROMO CODE itsonlyabruise TO RECEIVE 10% OFF! *

4. Be Part Of The Process

Participate in research and genetic studies, surveys, and clinical trials! The National MS Society is a great resource for up-to-date and legitimate need in these fields.

5. Make Yourself Heard

Advocate for change! Our disease might be mostly invisible, but our voices are strong. Stay on top of current hot local, state, and federal issues, and take action like my friends Dan and Jennifer Digmann!

Whatever you may do, large or small, know that you are making an impact and #BringingUsCloser.

Closer together.

Closer to answers.

Closer to ending MS.


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