MS Connection is DEAD.

Well, not exactly.


The beloved blog owned by the National MS Society will sunset on September 30, 2020 because the platform the website is built on will no longer be supported by the vendor.

The blog will be rehomed, but not all posts will migrate. If there’s an article of mine (or articles authored by your other favorite bloggers), now is the time to visit the site and save anything you may wish to reread later. Posts are currently read-only mode, so you are no longer able to interact or leave comments.

I do plan on eventually republishing my MS Connection articles here, but in the meantime, here are the individual links to my contributions to MS Connection:

  1. Finding My Shimmy
  2. The Last Laugh
  3. Dear Cat…
  4. A Morning Prayer
  5. Say “YES” To YOU!
  6. If I’d Never Met You
  7. Making Connections
  8. Becoming Superwoman
  9. Choose Your Own Adventure: A Day in the Life
  10. Recognizing Your Lucky Charm
  11. Flying My Fatigue Flag
  12. A Leg to Stand On
  13. When it’s Over
  14. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  15. Silence: A Missed Opportunity for Education?
  16. My Resolution
  17. Not ______ Enough
  18. Care That’s Personalized for You
  19. Is This MS?
  20. Helping Others to Understand
  21. Why Me?
  22. Faking It

I’m so grateful to have been part of this empowering platform, and I cant wait to see what they do next to stay connected!

5 thoughts on “MS Connection is DEAD.

  1. Carol S S

    Cat –
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog all these years. It sometimes has been helpful to me. How or where can or should we look for your new rehoned “It’s Only A Bruise” blog I wouldn’t want to miss it. Carol


    1. Hi Carol! So wonderful to hear from you and I’m glad you enjoy my posts!

      It’s Only a Bruise is staying right here with new content coming soon 😊, but the collection of articles (written by various authors) on the MS Society’s blog ( is moving to at the end of this month, though not all blog posts will be migrating.


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