Just To Be The Man Who Biked One Hundred Miles…

Many of my “longtime” (and I use that term loosely) readers remember my response to the “This Bike Has MS” video that was circulating several months back and I’d invite you to read it again. My only real critique of this inspirational video was that it only addressed what it would hypothetically be like to ride the altered bicycle, and not for any extended length of time. How can one get a small glimpse into living with the disease without truly experiencing the bike?

My handsome husband, while not riding the altered bike that was featured in “This Bike Has MS,” is taking the challenge. He’s registered for this year’s BIKE MS and will be riding 100 miles over the course of two days.

One. Hundred. Miles.

I realize we’ve only fairly recently closed our annual WALK MS campaign, but I’m here to humbly ask you if you might consider helping him reach his fundraising goal for his first ever BIKE MS event.

He realizes the toll this will take on his body. He will be fatigued. His joints will ache. He will have no choice but to push on. Just like us. He will feel the after effects for days.

And so will we, fellow MSers, because every single dollar you are able to contribute will go toward the advancement of research and treatment options for us.

He’s doing this because so many others cannot. He’s doing this to genuinely get a feel for what we go through every day. He’s riding for us.

You can help him reach his goal by following this link and clicking on “Donate to Russell.”



If nothing else, do it for his spectacular beard. I mean, look at that thing.


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2 thoughts on “Just To Be The Man Who Biked One Hundred Miles…

  1. Susan Lesperance

    Cat and Rusty, I have donated…and I have shared Rusty’s post with my friends. Proud of you both…you are making a difference.


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